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Dr. Dorinda Rolle, TX

“Your [TEO] life story and encouragement to the students was outstanding... You made the students really think about the value of their education and the cost of not showing up."


To close educational degree disparities for all communities


Increase degree attainment through authentic education, entrepreneurship, and entertainment that empower communities forward


Check out some of the dynamic programs TEO can bring to your institution and join our amazing community that has experienced joy, empowerment, and sustainable results. Click below to get started! 




First-Generation Student Development Program

This program is designed to inspire First-Generation Students, Student-Success Programs (i.e. TRIO Program), and student-leader organizations to strengthen their resilience, breakdown the fundamentals required to succeed in a new environment, and lead authentically.

TEO will discuss topics such as:

  • First-Generation Student Aspirations & Expectations

  • Achieving College Acceptance & Unveiling First-Generation Obstacles

  • Embracing One's Background & Identity

  • Creating, Leading, & Achieving an Authentic Vision

The goal is to serve your organization in an authentic and effective way! If you would like TEO to deliver a dynamic keynote please click "Request Keynote" below and tell us more!


workshop | Be an Agent of Change


Student-Leadership Development Program

Be an agent of change now is a program designed to develop leadership skills while gaining resume building experience prior to graduation. This program will help reframe a student's perspective on participation and leadership within their current environment.


TEO will engage with your student-leaders in topics of:

  • Overcoming Student Participation Obstacles

  • Leadership Sustainability

  • Applicable Business Development Practices

  • Transferring Student-Experience to Career Opportunities

The goal is to get your students prepared, graduated, and employed in the most efficient way possible. If you would like to increase your student-engagement right now, click “Lead Now” below! 


workshop | Parents involved, questions solved


parent engagement Program

This workshop focuses on Establishing a collaborative understanding of parental involvement and its significance for creating a foundation for effective collaboration between parents, educators, students, and the community.

this parent-engaging message, Teofilo covers topics such as

  • the Significance of parent involvement in education and community

  • Barriers to parental involvement 

  • Cultural responsiveness

  • creating collaborative action plans with organizations

The goal is to increase Parental involvement with organizations and their children.  If you would like to take the next step in investing in this important dynamic that ultimately creates a healthy symbiotic relationship, click the button below to begin. 


Workshop | Facilitating transformative experiences


faculty/Staff Development Program

Facilitating Transformative Experiences is a workshop tailored for educators, professors, and support staff aiming to revolutionize their approach to student experiences. Dive into a dynamic exploration where you'll gain practical insights and tools to elevate student experiences.

This thought provoking workshop will discuss topics such as: 

  • benefits of Curriculum design infusing experiential/service learning

  • Empathy-Driven Teaching fostering personal growth and academic success

  • funding methods to extend experiences beyond the classroom

the goal is to leave equipped to create educational experiences that leave a lasting impact on your students' lives. Join Facilitating Transformative Experiences and be the catalyst for positive change in your teaching approach!


Screen Shot 2022-04-04 at 9.31_edited.jpg

Strategic Planning Session + keynote

Staff Development Program

The Strategic Planning Sessions (SPS) are designed to empower your organization's leaders by collaborating, evaluating, and creating sustainable systems for student success. The pairing of the keynote and SPS will not only provide the inspiration to succeed, but the accountability to ensure the vision for authentic change is fulfilled.

During a strategic planning session, both your organization's leaders and TEO will: 

  • Collaborate to Identify the State of the Organization

  • Orient Morale, Strategies & Metrics of Performance 

  • Conduct Genuine Dialogue with a Clear Intent 

  • Create Tangible Goals Towards Vision Fulfillment and Effective Change 

Real Talk. Real Planning. Real Action. Sustainable change requires clear intent and consistent action. Schedule your SPS + Keynote now to get your team started and unified.


Get event updates and provide any questions you may so we may better serve your organization!

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