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What we do

Promote the pursuit of continuing education of a genuine interest
through local and global development programs.

Our Story

In 2019, Teofilo Reyes Jr. (TEO) created the #My242scholarship by TEO II IV II to provide financial assistance for any student willing to apply and voice their pursuit of their passion. After speaking at many high schools, creating online videos, and advertising the application on social media, once the scholarship cycle was complete, there were zero applicants to be found. Zero.

After much observation, TEO noticed that the lack of scholarship applications involved more than just willingness to apply, but overall support, perspective, and behavior.  With an effort to make a change to the status quo, TEO knew that it would take more than just a single scholarship to make a difference in how people unapologetically embraced the pursuit of a career of their genuine interest, it would take: 

  • Challenging Cultural Norms

  • Consistent Community Engagement

  • Professional Development

  • Provide Diverse Perspective

  • Global Exposure

  • Leadership Opportunities

 In January 2020, the True Education & Outreach Foundation was founded.


Our Team

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Teofilo Reyes Jr



Sean Reeves


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The True Education & Outreach Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) organization

EIN: 84-4461516

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